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Schoolio Annual Subscription
Schoolio Annual Subscription
Schoolio Annual Subscription
Schoolio Annual Subscription
Schoolio Annual Subscription

Schoolio Annual Subscription

  • All-In-One / Multi-Subject
  • Schoolio Learning Corp
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For Grade(s): 1 - 8

Schoolio Digital is perfect for parents who want online video, audio, quizzes, dashboard and more. You also have access to ALL grades to mix-n-match.

Try Schoolio today and see how a truly custom learning program accelerates your child’s learning, engagement, and love of school! Full flexibility lets you meet your kids where they are and helps them grow to their full potential! Each lesson is expertly designed to be engaging for all grade levels.

Students enjoy a mix of videos and annotatable lessons. Schoolio’s curriculum designers include certified teachers and experienced homeschooling parents.


  • 4000+ animated video lessons and interactive activities for Math, Language, Science, Social Studies
  • Gr 1 - 8 multimedia lessons & worksheets that can be mixed and matched based on your student's needs and passions
  • Custom scheduling and timetables
  • Create custom courses
  • Vibe Check™ integration for a deeper view of your child’s journey
  • 365 support service from Schoolio
  • Parent dashboard with scores and progress
  • PDF downloads - fully annotatable in platform or printable
  • Canadian Math and Social Studies available!
  • Neurodivergent friendly

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Looking for a learning platform that truly “has it all”? Schoolio Digital has you covered with all-in-one programming for grades 1-8 across all core subjects! Not only that, but Schoolio is all about choice and customization when it comes to a child’s education- that’s why the digital platform lets you mix-and-match grade levels, mix online learning with printable worksheets, and completely customize your timetable!

You can even create custom courses of your own to incorporate other materials, or add family events to your child’s schedule! And, with Schoolio’s Vibe Check™ you get dashboard feedback on not only academic scores, but your child’s emotions, well-being, and interests!

This subscription provides Schoolio to one student and one parent for one full year.