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Mr. Henry's Music World
Mr. Henry's Music World
Mr Henry's Music World Kid's Piano Adventure Package
Mr Henry's Music World Kid's Piano Adventure Package

Mr Henry's Music World Kid's Piano Adventure Package

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For Grade(s): K - 5

The Kid's Piano Adventure Package offers a fun 10-Week program for beginners packed with age-appropriate videos, animations, and more to help your child develop piano skills. The program is easy to fit into any busy schedule because of a weekly core music lesson with bite sized activities to complete. The Kid's Piano Adventure Package is neatly organized and easy to navigate making it an enjoyable experience in learning for both parent and child.


  • Step-by-Step Entertaining Video Lessons
  • Practice Videos and Challenge Sessions
  • Printable Music & Worksheets
  • Video and MP3 Backtracks
  • Ear Training with Music Theory Games
  • Fun Music Facts and History

PLUS Bonus Upgrade!

As an added bonus, members will receive the Music Listening Adventure Package which is an easy to implement supplement to the 10-Week piano course.


  • 12 high-quality screen-free musical stories
  • Teaches basic foundations of music including beat, rhythm, and pitch
  • Explores the instruments of the orchestra
  • The Piano Sing-Along Song Video w/ Lyric Sheet
  • Includes printable worksheets

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Mr. Henry's Music World Kid's Piano Adventure Package is an all-inclusive, creative, and exciting music education curriculum for elementary children who want to learn at their own pace right at home. Kids get the experience of not just learning the piano, but starting their journey as a young musician.