Redbird Math Homeschool Curriculum.
Redbird Math Homeschool Curriculum.
Redbird Math Homeschool Curriculum.
Redbird Math Homeschool Curriculum.
Redbird Math Homeschool Curriculum.
Redbird Math Homeschool Curriculum.

Redbird Math

  • Math
  • McGraw Hill Education
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For Grade(s): K - 7

Build your child's confidence and enthusiasm for math with personalized learning that is playful and productive. Redbird Math’s blend of instruction, interactive exercises, skill-based games, and real-world STEM applications is proven to strengthen students’ Algebra readiness and accelerate their learning.

Redbird Math is a one-year subscription for a single student. Redbird features the latest in adaptive instruction, gamification, and digital project-based learning. This independent study course for Grades K-7 systematically develops your child's foundations for elementary math skills and algebra readiness.


  • Teaches number systems, fractions, computation, proportional reasoning, and more!
  • Select units conclude with a digital project-based learning experience
  • Parents can change grade placements and review student progress

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Developed by Stanford University, Redbird intersects learning science and advanced technology. Redbird Mathematics combines over 20 years of adaptive learning with today's most advanced education technologies. Redbird Language Arts's proven blend of instruction, interactive practice, and innovative analysis allows every writer to soar.

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