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Meet the Masters
Meet the Masters
Meet the Masters 7-Pack
Meet the Masters 7-Pack
Meet the Masters 7-Pack
Meet the Masters 7-Pack
Meet the Masters 7-Pack

Meet the Masters 7-Pack

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For Grade(s): PreK - Adult

An Art Curriculum To聽Inspire And Engage Your Students! Meet the Masters ready-to-teach art curriculum teaches historical, culturally diverse, standards-based art lessons to inspire young artists and features 35 master artists.

Your student will love learning art with Meet the Masters. Culturally diverse artists use unique supplies including clay, wire, foil, and oil pastels to teach your child. Select your age level (Level 1 Ages 5-7, Level 2 Ages 8-9, Level 3 Ages 10-Adult) and you will have access to all seven tracks (each with five artists to study). The curriculum offers Art History lessons, the different art techniques, and activities associated with each Artist.


  • Includes online access to seven tracks A-G (each with five artists to study) and one age level for three years.
  • Online art history slide shows


  • Implementation guide
  • Slideshow guide
  • Technique Worksheets
  • Step-by-step art lessons
  • Student awards
  • Art prints for each artist

Review聽a complete Track list with corresponding Artists covered.

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Your Homeschool students will learn art by studying great masters like Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet, Degas, Rembrandt, and many more! Meet The Masters uses a 3-Steps-to-Success learning approach: introduce the masters, discover the technique, and, finally, create their own art with a fun project.