Curriculum Funding By State

    Your curriculum may be free with your homeschool funding! 

Here at the Homeschool Buyers Club, we are dedicated to helping all families find the best curriculum at the right price. We've compiled a list of tax deductions, scholarships, School Choice policies, and ESA (Educational Savings Accounts) information by state.

 With the changing educational landscape in the United States, some of the programs listed are just forming or are changing as states create policies. We encourage you to use this information as a starting point. 

 The Club has partnered with several states to appear in their state-funded marketplaces. Many of our members are also able to submit a receipt from us to get reimbursed by their ESAs, charter schools, or other school choice or tax deduction options. Don't let these possible savings go to waste!

Need a receipt for your purchase? How to create a digital or physical receipt.

Let us know if we missed a program by contacting our Customer Support team.

Homeschool Favorites

Unlock your child's potential with the perfect curriculum selections for homeschooling families!

Save 40%
Excalibuer Solutions STEM Academy

Excalibur Solutions STEM Academy® Monthly Subscription

  • Science & Technology
  • Excalibur Solutions, INC
 - $11.99
Save 20%
Apollo Academy Premium Family Subscription

Apollo Academy Premium Family Subscription

  • Personal Finance
  • Apollo Board Ltd.
 - $79.00
Save 29%
Kumon Managing Your Money

Managing Your Money

  • Personal Finance
  • Kumon Publishing North America
 - $9.07
Save 64%
Clear Fluency (Reading Assistant) Monthly Subscription

Clear Fluency (Reading Assistant) Monthly Subscription

  • Language Arts
  • Carnegie Learning
 - $14.95
Save 50%
Rosetta Stone Homeschool Online

Rosetta Stone Lifetime Access (1 User)

  • Foreign Languages
  • Rosetta Stone
 - $199.00
Wordly Wise i3000

Wordly Wise i3000 Primary 1-Year Student

  • Language Arts
  • EPS Operations, LLC (EPS)
From $49.00