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FL4K - Foreign Languages for Kids
FL4K - Foreign Languages for Kids
FL4K Spanish Annual Subscription
FL4K Spanish Annual Subscription
FL4K Spanish Annual Subscription
FL4K Spanish Annual Subscription

FL4K Spanish Annual Subscription

  • Foreign Languages
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For Grade(s): K - 9

Our award-winning video series teaches Spanish naturally, featuring kids modeling Spanish in situations kids relate to, such as family meals, sports, birthdays, and more! FL4K is a fully customizable, state-of-the art program.

FL4K video lessons are at the heart of the program. They teach foreign language through an eight-level children's sitcom. Using a combination of humor and stories featuring a colorful cast of kids speaking the target language during day-to-day life. The video lessons start at breakfast and end at bedtime. They cover activities and topics that are part of a child's daily life, such as meals, sports, birthday parties, getting ready for bed, and much more. Children are drawn into the stories, wanting to see what happens next, all while learning a new language. It's a fun and stress-free way to learn. Children relate to the content and as a result, they learn quickly and retain what they learn.


  • 500+ Online Video Lessons: With high-quality comprehensible input, interactive conversations, tons of practice, quizzes, and games that build proficiency, FL4K provide everything you need for a successful Spanish program.
  • Videos: The immersive Spanish videos teach using short, manageable chunks of Spanish conversation in context and with visual aids that present the Spanish language in a way that’s easy for kids to understand.
  • Interactive Online Activities: Proficiency- based games and worksheets made specifically for this program.
  • Hands-on Activities: Hundreds of printable hands-on activities in Spanish to work in tandem with the online program.
  • Cultural Adventures: This language program highlights and engages with Spanish-speaking cultures around the world.
  • Built-in Lesson Planning: With customization capabilities, pre-planned lessons ensure your child can move forward as quickly and easily as they like while you retain control over the content. The built-in lesson planner lets you schedule lessons in advance based on your time constraints and preferences. You can choose among the recommended activities on the online platform and in the teacher’s guides.
  • Student Progress Tracking: FL4K’s online Spanish program includes thorough and insightful information about student progress, including which activities have been completed, a summary of results, as well as a comparison chart showing improvement. Parents can easily ascertain which concepts students are succeeding in and which they may need additional practice with. As students advance through the homeschooling curriculum, parents will see their significant skill development and growth.
  • Customization: This program is flexible to work with any homeschool schedule — whether a student uses it for 20 minutes once a week or an hour daily, and whether the student is new to Spanish or a native speaker. The activities included allow your children to learn independently, with each other, with you, or in any combination that is best for your family..

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FL4K's award-winning Spanish program puts students on the path to communicating effectively in Spanish in the real world. This program is flexible to work with any homeschool schedule — whether a student uses it for 20 minutes once a week or an hour daily, and whether the student is new to Spanish or a native speaker.

Great for any age, FL4K has four different programs: elementary, middle school, and high school. Each program is designed to engage your child at their level while also complimenting the other levels. Your whole family can learn Spanish together!