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For Grade(s): 3 - 12

Monarch gives you unprecedented access to 5 core subjects including Bible, History and Geography, Language Arts, Math, and Science. Sign up your child for the grade level that fits them best in any subject!Features Dynamic, media-rich lessons that make grading easy. Immerse your child in multi-dimensional educational experiences that include video clips, audio files, challenging games, interactive exercises, and more.Easy, customizable lesson plans! Just add a start and end date for your school year and a lesson plan will automatically be assigned. You can add custom events and even reassign course work to a different day!Completely Online: Monarch鈥檚 Christian homeschool curriculum is completely online and accessible around the clock.Automatic Grading: Automatic grading and record-keeping conveniently records student progress, giving you more hands-on teaching time.Customizable: Courses are flexible and easily rescheduled, you can even add your own projects and activities!Once you decide you would like to purchase a subscription to Monarch for your child(ren), sign into your Monarch account and select the options you would like.

Your product will ship directly to you from the Alpha Omega warehouse, typically within three to five business days from the day you place your order with us. They will ship your order directly to you via UPS Ground or UPS Air to Hawaii and Alaska from their warehouse. We will notify you via email when the product ships and provide a tracking code. Please allow an additional five to seven business days thereafter to receive your product. U.S. orders $35 or more ship FREE! Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii has a 5% surcharge on the order total. Shipping to Puerto Rico has a 12% surcharge on the order total. Shipping to Canada is 25% of the order total with a minimum $35 dollars.

Seller: You are buying from Alpha Omega Publications, NOT the Homeschool Buyers Club using a special link provided by the Club in your "My Subscriptions" page.
Payment: Not applicable.
Returns: After completing your registration for the "Free Trial Month" at The Monarch website, you will have access to your "Free Trial Month" to Monarch for 30 Days. If you do not wish to continue past the 30 days, you do not need to do anything.
Sales Tax: Not applicable.
Other Terms & Conditions: Purchase Monarch: Once you decide you would like to purchase a subscription to Monarch for your child(ren), sign into your Monarch account and select the options you would like. Your purchase will be done on the Monarch site and not through the Club.
Shipping: Not applicable.
Privacy Policy: Your order and this offer are subject to our Privacy Policy However, by placing this order you agree that the Club will share the following information with Alpha Omega for the SOLE PURPOSE of fulfilling your order: name, email address. You will not receive unsolicited emails as a result of placing this order through the Club.

Monarch is a Christian online homeschooling curriculum for grades 3-12 that features automatic grading, complete customization, 24/7 availability, and more.

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