HomeSchoolPiano 30-Day Free Trial

HomeSchoolPiano 30-Day Free Trial

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For Grade(s): K - Adult

If your student enjoyed their FREE HomeschoolPiano Trial, come back to the Club and save 35% when you purchase a monthly or an annual subscription.

HomeSchoolPiano has been designed to teach even absolute beginners how to play the piano by developing the ear, reading, improvisation, and composition skills of your student. Built on solid methodology that integrates throughout all 18 units, the rhythms and technique that you learn at the beginning of each unit carry over into the reading, song, and improvisation learned later in the unit.


  • Master account to track student progress
  • Bi-weekly Group Coaching
  • Individual tracking for each student
  • Sheet music, quizzes, and backing tracks
  • Optional bonus lessons
  • Flashcards and other resources

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At HomeSchoolPiano you'll learn easy to intermediate songs ranging in styles from blues to jazz and rock to classical-type songs. Regardless of style, these songs teach you techniques that you can use in ANY style of music like worship, gospel, pop and more.