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Struggly Annual Subscription
Struggly Annual Subscription
Struggly Annual Subscription
Struggly Annual Subscription

Struggly Annual Subscription

  • Thinking & Other Skills
  • Boggl Inc (Struggly)
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For Grade(s): 3 - 8

Today, math anxiety begins as early as age five and often increases throughout the school years to the point where math is avoided altogether. Struggly takes a preventive approach, laying the foundation for solid math understanding (and enthusiasm) in the critical age period.

A different way to learn, think, and grow, Struggly supports the learning of conceptual mathematics that is critical for children to develop a deep understanding of math through investigative exploring. Struggly helps students to see math as a visual subject that creates a sense of connectiveness that will aid children as they move on to higher level mathematics. The program also features a guide for parents with real time feedback on how to support their children as they work through challenging mathematics tasks.


  • 364 levels within 32 tasks with more levels and tasks added monthly.
  • Individual task schedule to guide and track the child's development.
  • Parent Guide with hints and solutions for the parent.
  • Up to five children's accounts with individual learning plans.
  • The perfect addition to any math curriculum!

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Unlock your child's limitless potential with math education based on neuroscience. Struggly gives children opportunities to develop brain connections with multiple forms of math using interactive and exciting tasks and games. With Struggly, children develop number sense and flexibility which are key to success in mathematics and beyond. Struggly chose their name to encourage children to embrace struggle as these are the moments when our brain is growing.

This subscription provides one family (up to five students) access to Struggly for one year.