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World's Story 1: The Ancients Student

World's Story 1: The Ancients Student

  • History
  • New Leaf Publishing / Master Books
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For Grade(s): 6 - 7

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This exciting survey teaches students all about ancient history and civilizations, from Creation to the influential, imperial city of Rome. Start in Genesis with the Creation week and follow this story-based approach to world history as you meet Abraham, Joseph, David, and other biblical figures, visit the sites of major ancient civilizations, and trace the rise and fall of numerous empires.

Volume 1 in this series for your junior high students includes:

  • A conversational narrative that brings ancient history to life
  • Gorgeous photographs, artwork, and maps that help students visualize people, places, and events
  • Educational features that dig deeper into how archaeological finds affirm the Biblical record

Students will see God's hand and redeeming love at work from the very beginning. They'll meet the biblical patriarchs, judges, prophets, and kings, as well as other historical figures like Hammurabi, Alexander the Great, and Julius Caesar. They will also study ancient civilizations spanning the whole globe, including the Sumerians, Egyptians, Babylonians, Chinese, Celts, Nubians, Nazca, Persians, Greeks, Romans, and more!

Also Available: World's Story Volume 1 Teacher Guide contains helpful schedule in addition to learning and review opportunities. It contains art and geography components and helps students connect the ancient world with the present in a unique course.

Teacher Guide