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Jim Hodges Audio Books - 5 Pack
Jim Hodges Audio Books - 5 Pack
Jim Hodges Audio Books - 5 Pack
Jim Hodges Audio Books - 5 Pack

Jim Hodges Audio Books - 5 Pack

  • History & Geography
  • Jim Hodges Productions
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For Grade(s): K - Adult

Choose from over 60 audiobooks including The Hardy Boys novels, Robin Hood, Ozzy and Harriet, and more!

Please choose 5 titles from the list below. You will select one audiobook title from each of the five fields and THEN select add to cart.

Jim Hodges Audio books cover nearly every period in history! Choose five complete titles from categories of:

  • G.A. Henty
  • Yesterday's Classics for Young Listeners
  • Henty History
  • Old Time Radio Show
  • And many more!

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Create a customized five-title bundle from the entire Jim Hodges Audio collection which includes over 60 titles! Jim's collection includes something for every age. Josephus and Yesterday's Classics for the younger listeners, Old Time Radio, and The Overtly Christian Line, ages 10 and up. Plus, there are G.A. Henty History titles for turning history into an exciting subject for everyone.

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