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Fast ForWord Annual Subscription

  • Language Arts
  • Carnegie Learning
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For Grade(s): K - 12

 Fast ForWord is an evidence-based, personalized, and adaptive reading and language program that produces 1-2 years gains for any struggling learner in as little as 40-60 hours of use.

  Fast ForWord’s targeted reading intervention prepares students for core literacy growth by focusing on the cognitive skills of memory, attention, processing, and sequencing (MAPS) to optimize learning readiness.

If your child is a struggling reader, Fast ForWord is just the tool you need to help your student achieve full learning potential. Fast ForWord helps struggling readers with or without dyslexia, addresses underlying causes of learning disabilities, and provides essentials for ELL students.

This subscription gives one teacher and one student access to the entire Fast ForWord K-12 curriculum monthly.


  • Fast ForWord Reading (K-5)
  • FastForward Literacy (6-12)


  • Personalization & Adaptivity - Exercises adapt to students' performance, providing precise and efficient training optimized for students' individual needs.
  • Immediate Feedback - Immediate Feedback – Students receive immediate feedback for each of their responses as they work through the program.
  • Reporting and progress monitoring - Teacher sees exercise progression and overall reading gains to provide targeted support and skills assistance.
  • Engaging & Motivating Features - Age-appropriate characters or themes, animated rewards, real-time progress meters & more!

Note: See if your computer meets Fast ForWord's Technical Requirements.

Headset required: Carnegie Learning requires that you use any of the high-quality, noise-canceling headsets ($25-$50).
See the recommended list of headsets.

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Returns: Since it is not possible for you to be certain that FastForWord will work for you until you start using it, we will honor refund requests made within 30 days from the date that we give you access to Fast ForWord.

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Build better readers and learners with Fast ForWord, an adaptive online reading program. Using the science of learning to fast-track learning recovery, students can catch up to grade-level reading for good! Students grow in confidence as Fast Forward builds literacy, cognitive, and social-emotional skills with a 3-in-1 approach.

Available US & Canada only!