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GrammarPlanet Subscription

GrammarPlanet Subscription

  • Language Arts
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For Grade(s): 4 - Adult

GrammarPlanet is fast, responsive, and fun. Only 15 minutes per day! GrammarPlanet will help you or your students master the mechanics of English, become a more confident writer, and even prepare for high-stakes testing.

With 53 self paced units, GrammarPlanet is aimed at students who want to improve their English in 15 minutes a day. Your student can log in and complete units on specific subjects. Each unit begins with a teaching video and a PDF of notes. Your student will complete a series of activities culminating in a test of that subject.

GrammarPlanet is responsive, and will provide more practice to students that need it before offering the test. There is no time limit and your student can take as much time as needed to master the material.


  • 53 Self paced units that include a video and a PDF of notes.
  • Interactive and adaptive programing allows students to go at their own pace and get more practice when needed.
  • Embedded Quizzes
  • Teacher Dashboard

Note: There is no time limit or expiration date for your subscription. You can use each unit until your student has completed all the activities for that unit. After that you have read only access to that level, i.e., you can view their work, but they cannot repeat it.

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GrammarPlanet is a comprehensive and completely online grammar, punctuation, and usage curriculum. GrammarPlanet will help you or your student master the mechanics of English, become a more confident writer, and even prepare for high-stakes testing.

This subscription provides one student with access to GrammarPlanet.