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Learn Essay Writing the Fast Way
Learn Essay Writing the Fast Way
Learn Essay Writing Level 1: Essay Writing Basics
Learn Essay Writing Level 1: Essay Writing Basics
Learn Essay Writing Level 1: Essay Writing Basics
Learn Essay Writing Level 1: Essay Writing Basics

Learn Essay Writing Level 1: Essay Writing Basics

  • Language Arts
  • Learn Essay Writing (Harmony Pen)
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For Grade(s): 5 - 12

Learn Essay Writing Level 1: Essay Writing Basics teaches patterns, tools, and mnemonics so students know how to write and not be intimidated by a blank paper or screen. Using easy-to-follow patterns, Ms. Valerie begins by teaching how to write a solid, well-constructed paragraph and then scales to seamless three paragraph essays (based on how Benjamin Franklin learned to write). Learn Essay Writing uses time proven methods, that children as young as nine can utilize, to become proficient writers.

Along the way, Ms. Valerie also teaches writing tools that help students write with more maturity and increased vocabulary. With inspiring badges earned in every lesson, and with homework responses from the teacher, these courses have a personal component that inspires students to keep progressing! By the end of this course, students should be able to write an essay with confidence.


  • Upbeat, on-demand video lessons
  • A personalized analysis of the student's homework from a teacher
  • Digital Workbook PDF for each lesson
  • Worksheets include: examples, recording sheets for points and drills, and support pages
  • Outline pattern for a three paragraph essay and notetaking guide
  • All source material contained within the course
  • Accessible on most devices
  • Badges to inspire confidence
  • Individual logins for every student in your household

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Learn Essay Writing the Fast Way takes the worry out of teaching essay writing with the Level 1: Essay Writing Basics class. With inspiring patterns and simple formulas, this course can transform anxious teens into confident writers. Students learn to create one to three paragraph essays faster and more intelligently with less stress and more confidence. 

Stop the writing stress! Boost confidence, test scores (including the PSAT, SAT, and ACT), and equip your teen the tools they need to write successfully.

This digital course provides access to all members of the same household.