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For Grade(s): PreK - 12

Enliven your homeschool with over 140,000 classes to choose from with prices starting as low as $6 per lesson!

Outschool offers flexible online classes in hundreds of topics. With daytime and evening lessons plus anytime in between, find the perfect class to fit your needs. From online tutoring and science classes to book clubs, foreign languages, and math lessons, there is something for everyone.


  • 🎥 Engaging live video chat classes
  • 🥇 Vetted and passionate teachers
  • 🏠 Affordable, accessible learning

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Encourage Children's Interests — Reimagine education and set learning free with Outschool online classes for kids aged 3-18. Foster children's curiosity, independent thinking, and build confidence through progress. Over  140,000+ unique lessons. As low as $6/class. After school lessons. Pay per class.