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Reading Horizons Elevate-at-Home
Reading Horizons Elevate-at-Home

Reading Horizons Elevate-At-Home

  • Language Arts
  • Reading Horizons
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For Grade(s): 4 - 12

Great results can only come from a deep understanding of what needs to be accomplished. Reading Horizons Elevate At-Home is the solution for older students who struggles with reading or is learning English as a second language. The Elevate™ program uses a specific, Orton-Gillingham based process to help struggling readers become strong and fluent readers.

This software provides an online, self-directed solution to receiving the fundamental skills of reading.


  • Two student licenses
  • Online access for one year
  • 81 interactive lessons
  • New Lexile Reading Library Assessments, Phonics Screener, and Diagnostic and Progress Monitoring Assessments
  • Assessment data, customizable reports, and student progress updates

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Reading Horizons provides software and direct instruction materials to help homeschool parents and tutors teach beginning and struggling readers how to discover reading success. Now you have the control to personalize your literacy instruction based on your child's specific needs.

Based on Orton-Gillingham principles, the program teaches students systematically and sequentially, starting from basic skills and moving towards more complex skills.

As each skill is mastered, students and parents become more confident, knowing that gaps in literacy are being closed. This process has been used for nearly a century and has been proven over and over to be most effective for teaching struggling readers. Get started with one of Reading Horizons At-Home proven programs today!