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Spelling Tutor
Spelling Tutor
Spelling Tutor Annual Student Subscription
Spelling Tutor Annual Student Subscription
Spelling Tutor Annual Student Subscription
Spelling Tutor Annual Student Subscription

Spelling Tutor Annual Student Subscription

  • Special Needs
  • Dyslexia Gold
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For Grade(s): K - 9

Spelling Tutor is a personalized program that uses a unique blend of online work and dictation so students practice writing words and sentences.

Spelling Tutor decides which words to test from your child's mistakes. These words are tested again and again, with larger and larger gaps between each test, which transfers the spelling from short term to long term memory.

Writing is the best way to learn spellings, so Spelling Tutor dictates words and sentences for your child to write. Your child then marks their own work, which further reinforces the correct spelling and encourages them to take ownership for their own learning.

Spelling Tutor teaches around 90% of the words we use every day, and all the words in the UK Spelling Curriculum.

Choose from:

  • English or American spelling
  • English, American, Scottish or Australian pronunciation

Spelling Tutor works because:

  • It is a personalized program, based on your child's mistakes
  • Pace is matched to your child's ability
  • It is based on current research of how we retain information

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Playing Dyslexia Gold's Spelling Tutor will help children learn 1,000 of the most common words. This innovative program utilizes the enormous power of linking spelling and handwriting. Pupils write sentences from dictation and then mark their own work, which further reinforces the correct spelling.

Spelling Tutor is suitable for all children, including those with dyslexia.

This subscription provides access for one student for one year.

Award-Winning Product