Wordly Wise i3000
Wordly Wise i3000
Wordly Wise i3000 Homeschool Curriculum.
Wordly Wise i3000 Homeschool Curriculum.

Wordly Wise i3000 - Additional Student License

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For Grade(s): 2 - 12

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Wordly Wise i3000 provides engaging, direct academic vocabulary instruction to develop the critical link between vocabulary and reading comprehension. The robust activities, social sharing and interaction, and differentiated instruction allow the flexibility to meet the needs of today’s varying student population—empowering students to have successful encounters with grade-level vocabulary instruction and practice.


  • Practice activities and assessments are automatically scored and reported in real time.
  • Teachers have immediate insight into student learning and progress throughout the program.
  • Social sharing and interaction allow students to apply and extend their learning.

Wordly Wise i3000 provides teachers with manageable, easy-to-use resources for delivering effective, direct vocabulary instruction along with word-learning strategies—all critical for high-stakes tests and content-area reading.

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You want to add students to your WWi3K class.

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