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Kids Guitar Academy Epic Movie Themes
Kids Guitar Academy Epic Movie Themes
Epic Movie Themes for Guitar
Epic Movie Themes for Guitar
Epic Movie Themes for Guitar

Epic Movie Themes for Guitar

  • Art & Music
  • Kids Guitar Academy
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For Grade(s): 3 - Adult

The Epic Movie Themes for Guitar course is an online comprehensive program designed to make it easy to learn and master your favorite movie themes with a four step process. On screen graphics help students stay focused and on-track while meeting clear goals and milestones to support achievement and progress.


  • 15 songs from hit movies
  • Step-by-step lesson videos
  • Multi-speed play along videos
  • Downloadable sheet music and mp3s.
  • Helpline for additional support
  • Lifetime Access

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Kids Guitar Academy has made it easy to learn and master your favorite movie themes. Learn to play songs from Avengers, Star Wars, How to Train Your Dragon, Mission Impossible, and more! This professionally-designed online guitar course helps your student reach goals quickly and efficiently.