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Nexbooks Business and Tech Courses
Nexbooks Business and Tech Courses
Nexbooks Business and Tech Courses
Nexbooks Business and Tech Courses
Nexbooks Business and Tech Courses
Nexbooks Business and Tech Courses
Nexbooks Business and Tech Courses
Nexbooks Business and Tech Courses
Nexbooks Business and Tech Courses

Nexbooks Business and Tech Courses

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For Grade(s): 6 - 12

It is never too early to take control over your financial future, and Nexbooks teaches kids to do just that, through their business & investing courses! And for the techie…. learning to build your own computer is one of the coolest things you can do!

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Nexbooks is on a mission to make school both relevant and fun. With practical life skills in mind, Nexbooks courses relate to real life, answering the question, "Why do I have to know this?"


  • Engaging, video based, self paced courses
  • Auto-graded, mastery based quizzes
  • Course Dashboard
  • Parent Login
  • Certificate of Completion

Want to know what each course covers? Take a look at the table of contents for each course below.

Nexbooks Course Table of Contents:

Build Your Own Computer

There is something extremely satisfying about working, or gaming, on a PC that you built from the ground up, and that is exactly what this course teaches kids to do. For the budding engineer, this “hands on” course is a must, as they will learn how the parts of a computer work, in a theoretical sense, but will also get to touch and install each component, one at a time.

Table of Contents

Start A Non-Profit

This course is an "intro to" type of course that really sheds light on the value of starting and running a nonprofit, on both the founder, and on the world. Along with a description of what it is like to direct a nonprofit, the course also includes the nuts and bolts of how exactly to get a nonprofit up and running, how to stay compliant, as well how to fundraise and to thrive.

Table of Contents

Investing 101

There is a misconception that investing is an “adult thing,” as it has not been meaningfully offered in our middle and high schools. Well, those days are gone. In this course, Nexbooks has broken down everything from buying stocks on popular trading platforms, like Robinhood and Ameritrade, to ETFs, Futures Contracts, and even retirement accounts. Investing is a lifelong activity, like fitness or learning, and with this course, students will understand both how it's done, and its importance.

Table of Contents

Start Your Own Business

In school, kids are constantly being told what it takes to “get a job.” What if they learned what it took to “create a job?” That is exactly what this course sets out to do. You’re never too young to start your own business, and in this course, kids will learn the nuts and bolts of starting and running a business.

Table of Contents

How to Adult

If any course could epitomize the mission at Nexbooks, of making learning relevant and applicable to real life, this course is it. A common complaint that young adults express is "how come I didn't learn about that in school?" Well now, kids can and are learning about "adulting," from early on. From career and taxes to loans and citizenship, this course breaks down what everyone should know in adulthood, and is presented in a way that anyone can understand.

Table of Contents

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Nexbooks offers unique, video-based, and self-directed courses that inspire creativity plus provide valuable life skills. 

With the grading built-in, these courses are designed to be engaging and clear with no extra support required.

This product provides access to the selected Nexbooks course for one family.