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Nexbooks Hands-On Courses
Nexbooks Hands-On Courses
Nexbooks Hands-On Courses
Nexbooks Hands-On Courses
Nexbooks Hands-On Courses
Nexbooks Hands-On Courses
Nexbooks Hands-On Courses
Nexbooks Hands-On Courses

Nexbooks Hands-On Courses

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For Grade(s): 6 - 12

Nexbooks hands-on courses are designed to teach kids the skills we all wish we had at an earlier age! From your first car, to cooking, and how to fix your house, these are true “life skills!”

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Nexbooks is on a mission to make school both relevant and fun. With practical life skills in mind, Nexbooks courses relate to real life, answering the question, "Why do I have to know this?"


  • Engaging, video based, self paced courses
  • Auto-graded, mastery based quizzes
  • Course Dashboard
  • Parent Login
  • Certificate of Completion

Want to know what each course covers? Take a look at the table of contents for each course below.

Nexbooks Course Table of Contents:

Fix Your House

In school, we learn to factor polynomials and memorize the capitals, but can we turn off the water to our house in an emergency? This course does exactly that... it is designed to teach you about your house, inside and out, so that you can maintain it, and even potentially improve it.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Cooking

As opposed to trying to learn to cook by following one recipe after the other, seeking some sort of pattern or logic, this course does the exact opposite. With an incredible gift for making the complex simple, the award winning Chef Dylan France teaches kids to understand the chemistry and principles behind how and why food cooks the way it does. Upon finishing this course, kids will not only be ready to prepare amazing and healthy dishes, but will have the knowledge and the confidence to "play" with food, and to "create."

Table of Contents

Your First Car

There might be nothing more exciting than the freedom associated with learning to drive, and having your first car! That being said, unless you have a parent or guardian that is handy under the hood, there might also be nothing more confusing. Different from a true “auto repair” course, this class covers things from basic maintenance, to how to deal with an accident, and what the lights on your dashboard mean.

Table of Contents

Intro to Photography (Surf & Skate with Dave "Nelly" Nelson

Learn one of the best careers in the world, from one of the best at it. David "Nelly" Nelson shares his lifetime of experience and knowledge of surf & skate photography, having worked with the best surfers (& Skaters) on the planet, including Kelly Slater, John John Florence, Andy Irons, Kai Lenny, Nathan Fletcher, Christian Hosoi, Daryl "Flea" Virostko, "Barney," ...and everyone in between. He's also shot in legendary surf spots from nearly every corner of the globe, including Teahupo'o, J-bay, Pipeline, Mavericks, and has scored 96 magazine cover shots.

Table of Contents

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Nexbooks offers unique, video-based, and self-directed courses that inspire creativity plus provide valuable life skills. 

 With the grading built-in, these courses are designed to be engaging and clear with no extra support required.

This product provides access to the selected Nexbooks course for one family.