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Zinc Learning Labs
Zinc Learning Labs
Zinc Learning Labs Annual Student Subscription
Zinc Learning Labs Annual Student Subscription
Zinc Learning Labs Annual Student Subscription
Zinc Learning Labs Annual Student Subscription
Zinc Learning Labs Annual Student Subscription

Zinc Learning Labs Annual Student Subscription

  • Language Arts
  • Zinc Learning Labs, Inc.
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For Grade(s): 6 - 12

Save up to 29% and bridge reading gaps! Zinc Learning Labs teaches students what to do when they read by coaching them in the four easy-to-apply skills all advanced readers use naturally.

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Zinc Learning Labs teaches middle and high schoolers how to read grade-level texts for comprehension and improves their vocabulary with multi-modal vocabulary games. The reading offerings include diverse, high-interest texts and the ability to sort by subject, difficulty level, length, and standards.


  • Vocabulary games for thousands of words
  • READING IGNITION, a program that delivers reading growth in just a few weeks
  • A bank of hundreds of great texts, which are accompanied by comprehension quizzes
  • Close reading instruction and practice
  • Personalized reports
  • Embedded test-prep strategy instruction

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The Homeschool Buyers Club is pleased to present exclusive savings for Zinc Learning Labs, an online literacy program.

Zinc is a reading-instruction program for ALL 6th-12th graders, from reluctant readers to high flyers. Zinc offers close-reading instruction, vocab games, and comprehension quizzes for authentic texts on a variety of levels, from 3rd grade to college.

Get a one year subscription for only $90 with access for one teacher and one student. Each additional student is only $80.