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Ultimate Science Curriculum 4th Grade Bundle

Ultimate Science Curriculum 4th Grade Bundle

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For Grade(s): 4

Each subject comes with student worksheets, instructional videos, lessons, workbook, parent/teacher guidebook, and tests and quizzes. The Ultimate Science Curriculum DVDs contain the curriculum, worksheets, and instructional step-by-step videos.

DVD Includes:

  • Earth Science 2 (Grades 3-6): Discover the big ideas behind rocks, minerals, and the science of geology
  • Electricity (Grades 2-8): Design and test circuits and detect electric charge
  • Magnetism (Grades 2-8): Detect magnetic poles and magnetic fields and learn about electromagnetism and generators
  • Life Science 1 (Grades 1-6): Biology & Microscopes: Construct a water cycle terraqua column ecosystem, extract DNA, and grow a carnivorous greenhouse

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Ultimate Science Curriculum Series is a complete, self-guided, video-based DVD science curriculum that explains science topics to kids in a practical, real-world way. It uses step-by-step videos to guide them through every detail of activities, experiments, and projects that apply the concepts they just learned.