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Touch-type Read and Spell
Touch-type Read and Spell
Touch-type Read and Spell Annual Individual Student
Touch-type Read and Spell Annual Individual Student
Touch-type Read and Spell Annual Individual Student
Touch-type Read and Spell Annual Individual Student
Touch-type Read and Spell Annual Individual Student

Touch-type Read and Spell Annual Individual Student

  • Electives
  • Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS)
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For Grade(s): 2 - Adult

The award-winning TTRS Course teaches typing and strengthens spelling and reading ability at the same time

  • Learn to type, read, and spell 4,500+ English words
  • Review and repeat lessons as many times as needed
  • Whole-word approach from the start
  • Structured and supported learning

TTRS takes a multi-sensory, Orton-Gillingham approach to learning.

The subscription provides access for one(1) parent and one(1) student.

Touch-type Read and Spell (TTRS) is a multi-sensory course that teaches touch-typing skills while also helping kids improve reading and spelling. Kids drill with carefully selected words (red-led-fed), rather than purely mechanical keystroke combinations (juj-kik-lol).


  • Builds focus and concentration
  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem
  • Requires minimal supervision
  • One student account
  • Includes a teacher account

Support for Students With Dyslexia:

TTRS uses repetition learning through which students hear the words read aloud, see the words printed on the screen, and are prompted as to which fingers to press via the on-screen keyboard. Through the sense of touch, they type out the words and learn to spell with their fingers.

This include access for one teacher and one student.

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Touch-type Read & Spell is an award-winning, multi-sensory, highly accessible typing program for homeschooling families. Students learn to touch-type and develop spelling, decoding, and sight-reading skills at the same time.