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For Grade(s): 3 - 8

This math learning game develops and improves your students' Computational Thinking skills using fun and challenging logic puzzles and mini-games.

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In Zoombinis, each puzzle requires math, pattern recognition, deductive and inductive reasoning, and spatial arrangement based on the Zoombinis' characteristics.


Introduces your child to computational thinking and problem solving using a fun, challenging game.


  • Teacher guides
  • Educator resources and materials
  • Parent dashboard to track students' progress.
  • Zoombinis is browser based and can only be accessed on desktop or laptop computers running Chrome OS, Windows, or Mac OS.

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Zoombinis is an award-winning, research-based game that allows students to practice important computational thinking skills including, problem decomposition, algebraic thinking, data analysis and more through 12 engaging and challenging logic puzzles, each with four levels of difficulty.

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