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LearningSuccess Institute Self-Portrait Assessment
LearningSuccess Institute Self-Portrait Assessment
Self-Portrait Power Traits Assessment
Self-Portrait Power Traits Assessment

Self-Portrait Power Traits Assessment

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For Grade(s): 3 - Adult

The Self-Portrait™ Power Traits assessment is a tool for gaining insights into how students learn best and showing them how to use their learning strengths - or "power traits" - for learning and life success. With the Self-Portrait™ students, parents and teachers can discover how they and their students learn best. Using this assessment, your children can find out what learning strategies will best help them to memorize, study, take tests, and more while gaining confidence in their abilities.

What makes the Self-Portrait™ assessment unique? The Self-Portrait™ assesses the 5 dimensions of student-centered learning, quickly and simply, in language that is easily understood by everyone. The 5 dimensions are:

  • Disposition
  • Modality
  • Environment
  • Interests
  • Talents

The Self-Portrait™ is an online assessment for ages 8 to adult and requires at least a third grade reading ability. If the student has difficulty reading, someone can read it to him/her and ask him/her to make the choices. First and second graders who are advanced readers are often able to complete the assessment by themselves or with some help. Each purchased assessment can be taken online, with immediate results and recommendations.

Self-Portrait Assessment Sample

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You wouldn't force a child to wear shoes that don't fit, why force an education that doesn't fit? Get your child's or student's personal roadmap for learning, work, and life success.

The LearningSuccess™ Institute's Self-Portrait™ Power Traits assessment has helped over 10,000 families assess learning strengths to create a more effective and enjoyable experience.