Buzzmath Annual Subscription
Buzzmath Annual Subscription
Buzzmath Annual Subscription
Buzzmath Annual Subscription
Buzzmath Annual Subscription

Buzzmath Annual Subscription

  • Math
  • Scolab Inc
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For Grade(s): 1 - 8

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Since Buzzmath allows everyone to learn at their own pace, teachers can provide reinforcement exercises for students who need them. The platform offers detailed answers to math exercises, examples, demonstrations and even exploration activities. It's also possible for students to solve challenges and enigmas, and to embark on mathematical missions featuring endearing characters, inspired by the most renowned mathematicians in history.


  • Audio Reading of Text - reading skills not required!
  • Hundreds of activities including a variety of input styles to create more engagement
  • Automated corrections with detailed solutions & on demand examples
  • Reports and Progress Monitoring with real time progress tracking
  • Administration Tools to manage your student
  • Students have clear goals to complete assignments, accumulate stars and unlock missions

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Offering hundreds of math exercises for elementary and middle school students, Buzzmath will help your child practice the basics and improve his or her understanding of math concepts. Above all, Buzzmath will help your child to become more confident with math, one exercise at a time.

Get a one-year subscription for only $39.95 with access for one teacher and one student. Each additional student is only $24.95.