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LearningSuccess™ Writing Kit

LearningSuccess™ Writing Kit

  • Language Arts
  • Mariaemma Willis/Victoria Hodson
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For Grade(s): K - Adult

LearningSuccess™ Writing Kit emphases getting ideas on paper using graphic organizers to build up to writing 5-paragraph essays. It encourage parents to put less focus on grammar, punctuation, handwriting, and spelling, laying the foundation for positive, successful writing experiences.

LearningSuccess™ Writing Kit Part 1: Laying the Foundation is the first step in building writing skills. The course focuses on observation, brainstorming, and organization skills. There is no sentence writing in this course and positive learning experiences are built in.

LearningSuccess™ Writing Kit Part 2: Building on the Foundation provides the next steps in building solid writing skills. This course offers blueprints for paragraphs and reports using the analogy of building a teepee, a cabin, and house as it guides people of all ages step by step in writing sentences, paragraphs, and reports, utilizing the information mapping approach taught in Part 1.


  • Writing Kit Part 1: Lesson plans for 18 or 36 weeks make writing fun for even the most reluctant writers. Includes instruction on word and picture mapping and printable reference card of sample maps.
  • Writing Kit Part 2: Lesson plans for 36 weeks pick up where Part 1 left off.
  • Clear lesson plans and complete instructions for the teacher.
  • 133 printable Demonstration Cards with day by day instructions.

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Take the fear and frustration out of writing with the Learning Success™ Writing Kit. This curriculum is for young, beginning writers or students of all ages who struggle with writing. The LearningSuccess™ Writing Kit is designed to build writing confidence from the ground up.

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