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Link-Up™ to Math: Multiplication Facts
Link-Up™ to Math: Multiplication Facts
Link-Up™ to Math: Multiplication Facts

Link-Up™ to Math: Multiplication Facts

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  • Mariaemma Willis/Victoria Hodson
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For Grade(s): 3 - Adult

Whether a student is 9 or 99 there are certain techniques that make learning easier and more efficient. These techniques include the use of music, rhymes, drawings, and movement. Link-Up™ to Math: Multiplication Facts includes silly songs, pictures, and hands-on activity ideas to help promote memorization. In fact, where memorizing is concerned, the wackier, the better, especially for certain learning styles.

Link-Up™ to Math: Multiplication Facts was developed to make the components fun and amusing, helping students of all ages relax while their brains absorb the information in a painless way.


  • This course has been divided into 18 weeks, however, it can be accelerated or slowed down depending upon the student.
  • Complete day by day lesson plans with explanations, complete instructions, tips, and activities.
  • Link-Up™ to Math: Multiplication song lyrics "cards"
  • Nine fun song MP3s set to popular melodies to help with memorization.

This is a teacher led, downloaded course designed to help students memorize the multiplication tables through songs and activities. It can be used as a stand alone course or in conjunction with other workbooks and math curriculum. The MP3s will need 6.9MB of space to download.

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Link-Up™ to Math: Multiplication Facts is a complete program for memorizing the multiplication facts with no stress or hassle—all the facts are set to rhyming songs. The lesson plans guide the parent in coaching their students to successful memorizing through songs and hands on activities.

This is a download only product.