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Link-Up™ to Spelling: Weird Words Course Download

  • Language Arts
  • Mariaemma Willis/Victoria Hodson
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For Grade(s): 3 - Adult

Link-Up™ to Spelling: Weird Words Course Download is for anyone who:

  • Can read words that make sense phonetically.
  • Can usually spell phonetically (the way the word sounds)
  • Mostly struggle with words that are “weird”- words with extra letters, silent letters, etc.

People who struggle with spelling are NOT Print/Writing Learners. They are either Picture or Hands-On Learners or both. Because they are not Print Learners, spelling doesn’t make sense to them. Even if they memorized all the “rules” they still would have trouble with spelling, because the rules are broken so often that these learners can’t figure out when the rule works and when it doesn’t.

This program is not for beginning readers or people who do not understand how to phonetically put sounds together to make words. It has been written to help students relax and have successful learning experiences connected to spelling. Using the F.I.T.T. (Focus on Solutions, Identify Goals, Track Successes, Take the Pressure Off) Principles, the Link-Up™ to Spelling: Weird Words Course can help your struggling speller become a confident and successful speller.


  • This course has been divided into 18 weeks, however, it can be accelerated or slowed down depending upon the student.
  • Complete day by day lesson plans with explanations, complete instructions, tips, and activities.
  • Link-Up™ to Spelling "card"
  • Memory Maximizers “card”

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Link-Up™ to Spelling: Weird Words Course is for people of all ages who can spell phonetically but don’t know the "weird" words, such as though, friend, said, was, does, etc. With Link-Up™ to Spelling: Weird Words Course, spelling has never been so easy and so much fun for the picture and hands-on learners.

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