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LiteracyPlanet: Annual Subscription

  • Language Arts
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For Grade(s): 2 - 10

Teach literacy, the fun way! Literacy Planet is a fun online literacy learning platform dedicated to your child's success. Discover the joy of teaching and learning literacy within a world of wonder and engaging storytelling.

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LiteracyPlanet is an online education program dedicated to improving all key literacy areas and learning outcomes.


  • Access to the LiteracyPlanet app
  • Diagnostic testing for students
  • Parent dashboard to view child's performance
  • Thousands of challenging literacy exercises

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LiteracyPlanet is a comprehensive online learning tool that empowers homeschoolers and makes English literacy learning fun. Using immersive storytelling and games,  LiteracyPlanet helps develop early reading and advanced grammar skills, combining literacy education best practices and the latest digital technology.

This subscription provides access for one(1) child for one(1) year.

Available to the US and Canada only!