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myView Literacy Homeschool Bundle 2

myView Literacy Homeschool Bundle 2

  • Language Arts
  • Savvas Learning Company
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Grade: 2

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Stories shape who we are. As a homeschool teacher, your story includes twists and turns, sacrifice, joy and that amazing feeling when your homeschool student s light bulb illuminates. myView Literacy was built to help you reach those lightbulb moments. It allows homeschool instructors to teach Reading and Writing Workshops with rich underpinning of research and rigor, and inspires creativity to teach from your heart and yourself. At the same time, it empowers your homeschool students to learn from the world around them as their stories begin to unfold.

myView Literacy is a comprehensive, interactive K-5 literacy program that provides a balanced approach to teaching reading, writing, speaking, listening and viewing using a collection of authentic reading texts and writing workshops. Connected Reading and Writing Workshops focus on teaching the critical skills and strategies homeschool students need to be highly competent thinkers, readers, and writers ready for college and career.

Homeschool bundle Includes:

  • Student Edition: Consumable write-in student work text.
  • 1-year Digital Access to Savvas Realize: Offers homeschool teachers and parents the flexibility they need to teach what they want when they want and provides the data they need to customize content and monitor student progress so all homeschool students demonstrate proficiency in the standards.

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