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WriteReader Family Annual Subscription
WriteReader Family Annual Subscription
WriteReader Family Annual Subscription

WriteReader Family Annual Subscription

  • Language Arts
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For Grade(s): PreK - 6

WriteReader is a research-based online book creating and learning tool to increase student's motivation and literacy skill. An easy to use learning tool to increase student’s motivation and literacy development.

Increase curiosity, motivation and interest for the written language in a fun and engaging way using WriteReader. Children learn to read by writing their own multimedia books, enabling them to be storytellers and authors at a young age. WriteReader offers a pedagogically sound writing tool that makes children active and creative learners.


  • Lesson plans for different age groups
  • Unlimited book creation plus book templates and library
  • Speech to text and Speech synthesis - WriteReader will read back a word or sentence.
  • Voice search and Audio recording
  • Book publishing via link sharing, downloading, and printing
  • Image selection and safe search (1.8 M images)Template books and library
  • Reading Room and Read aloud
  • Google Classroom integration
  • Feedback and notifications
  • Up to 5 Students

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WriteReader helps children of all ages start writing and creating stories in minutes. Increase your child's literacy skills and engagement through creation of multimedia books.

This subscription provides access to WriteReader for one teacher and up to 5 students for one year at this exclusive Club price.