Kids Guitar Academy Trial

Kids Guitar Academy Trial

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For Grade(s): 3 - Adult

If your student enjoyed their FREE 14 Day Kids Guitar Academy Trial, come back to the Club and save big on other Kids Guitar Academy courses.

Kids Guitar Academy provides professionally designed online guitar instruction courses that help kids reach goals quickly and efficiently. Each course includes online step-by-step video lessons, supplemental sheet music, audio downloads, and a helpline for additional support.

Learn how to play the guitar with a free trial to Kids Guitar Academy Beginner Kickstart Course.


  • Online step-by-step lessons
  • Downloadable guitar practice tracker
  • Downloadable practice tracks
  • Expert instruction
  • Technique-building exercises

Note: Electric or acoustic guitar is suitable for this program.

Within minutes of receiving your registration, the Club will publish access instructions in your Club account, with a link to complete your registration at the Kids Guitar Academy website. This happens automatically. Simply sign into your Club account and look for Kids Guitar Academy Trial on your My Subscriptions page for instructions and a link. Your trial begins once you complete your registration at the supplier's website.

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