Feb 1, 2023

18 Fun Art Activities to Build Up STEAM

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18 Fun Art Activities to Build Up STEAM

By incorporating art into your science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) studies, students can not only apply the principals learned but can also explore their creativity and ingenuity. Here are a handful of art projects to help build STEAM skills.

Science & Art:

Our Family Code - How to Make Awesome Sharpie Art with Science - Explore the properties of solubility with this colorful art project using sharpie markers and alcohol.

Planning Playtime - How to Grow Crystal Geodes - Create beautiful salt and egg crystal geodes with easy to do project.

Stay at Home Educator - Oil and Water Droplet Painting - Kids will enjoy discovering the chemistry of water and oil with this fun art experiment.

Steamsational - How to Make a 3D Flower Model with Parts- Simple Science for Kids! - Using simple materials, children will learn the parts of a rose while building a lovely model of the rose. When you are done, be sure to browse around the Steamsational website for more STEAM activities.

Innovation Kids Lab - Pendulum Painting Made Easy - Your students will love learning about the forces of motion and gravity with this cool art activity.

Babble Dabble Do - Science & Art for Kids: Salt Pendulum - Continue your exploration of kinetic energy with this variation of pendulum painting.

Technology & Art:

STEAM Powered Family - How To Build A Circuit Flower - Circuits For Kids - These beautiful coffee filter flowers combine chromatography and simple circuitry to create something lovely.

Research Parent - Coding a LEGO Maze - Even young children can begin to understand the building blocks of programming with this creative, hands on activity using LEGOs and the free printable at this site.

Innovation Kids Lab - DIY Art Bot: Easy Art Project for Kids - Here is another great activity from the Kid STEAM Lab using a battery-operated electric toothbrush, a pool noodle, markers and a few other easy to find supplies. The end result is a cool "robotic" doodling tool.

Engineering & Art:

Little Bins for Little Hands - Best Structure Building Activities for Kids STEM Projects - You will find lots of great ideas for using simple things you probably have around the house already to engineer all kinds of things.

Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls - 4 Engineering Challenged for Kids - Using just cups, craft sticks, and wooden blocks, challenge your children with these building activities.

Kids Activities - 15 Easy Catapults to make with Kids - This page gathers together links for creating catapults as well as resources to incorporate them into your studies.

Kaplan - DIY Robot Hand STEAM Activity - you kids will get a kick out of creating and testing out this simple to create robot hand. Be The One provides a different version you might want to try as well.

Math & Art:

Create Art with Me - Flextangle STEAM Art Project - While this is a heavily ad-supported website, if you scroll beyond those you will find great information on Flextangles and a downloadable template to create your own.

Little Bins for Little Hands - Styrofoam Shape Geoboard STEAM Activity - Create geometric masterpieces with this simple to do idea.

Teach Beside Me - Architecture STEM: Area and Perimeter City - This great idea will keep your kids busy for some time as they design and build their city all the while practicing math and engineering skills.

StudentGuide - The Best Math Art on the Web - On this page you will find loads of links to all types of math art related resources and projects.

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