May 24, 2023

5 Math Programs for Beating Summer Brain Drain

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5 Math Programs for Beating Summer Brain Drain

It's summer and this means that probably the last thing kids want to do is schoolwork. But we also don't want them to start to forget all the things that they have recently learned during the last few weeks of school. Homeschool Buyers Club has several wonderful math programs that seem more like games than schoolwork that can help prevent learning loss over summer break.

DoodeMaths - DoodleMaths recognizes and adapts to your child's strength and weaknesses while working through quick and engaging math skills. The opportunity to earn digital rewards to use in building and accessorizing robots keeps kids motivate. The DoodleMaths app works on all devices and computers, online or off.

Meister Cody - Using a game-based platform set in the fictional world of Talasia, Meister Cody was designed to help children with dyscalculia, but would be a great tool for any child to strengthen their math skills.

Mathseeds - If you have a PreK through 3rd grade student, then they might really enjoy Mathseeds. Children create their own avatars and earn Golden Acorns to purchase items for their character or their treehouse. They also will enjoy collecting pets that they earn after completing a lesson. There are many built in incentives that will keep young ones motivated.

Cyberchase Fractions Quest - Cyberchase Fractions Quest is an engaging math learning game inspired by the acclaimed PBS KIDS math series, Cyberchase. This immersive game not only entertains but also educates, aiming to enhance your students' fractions and problem-solving abilities. Designed with insights from the latest research on optimal fraction learning methods for children, it provides a comprehensive training and assessment platform.

Buzzmath - Buzzmath is a valuable resource that offers an extensive collection of math exercises designed for elementary and middle school students. With its diverse range of practice materials, it enables your child to strengthen foundational skills and deepen their comprehension of mathematical concepts. Through consistent engagement, Buzzmath empowers your child to build confidence in math, one exercise at a time.

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