Sep 13, 2023

Reading Horizons at Home The Neurological Impress Method

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Reading Horizons at Home The Neurological Impress Method

The name might sound like a mouthful, but fear not! The Neurological Impress Method is a straightforward strategy designed to support students struggling with reading fluency. Picture this: you and your child sitting side-by-side, reading a passage aloud together. You take the lead, reading slightly ahead while the child follows along, mirroring your smooth reading style. This style makes learning simple and fun!

Research shows that the Neurological Impress Method (NIM) not only improves oral reading fluency, but also improves comprehension skills (Flood et al., 2005). By focusing on fluent reading, which is crucial for comprehension, the NIM helps students develop a deeper understanding of the text they are reading. 

How One Teacher Masterfully Combined NIM with an Educational Rap Twist

One teacher shared their success story of using the Neurological Impress Method with an engaging twist: incorporating an educational rap. Their 5th-grade student, who was struggling with fluency, was introduced to the rap titled "Meters, Liters, and Grams” ( The teacher began by reading the first verse aloud, and then they engaged in NIM, having the student read along while paying attention to the rhythm of the lyrics.

To further reinforce fluency and engagement, the student listened to the rap on YouTube while rapping along with the teacher, starting at half speed ( This multi-sensory approach not only captivated the student's interest but also improved their fluency through repeated exposure to the text. The rap offered an opportunity to connect reading with other subjects, as the student was simultaneously learning math concepts related to measurement.

Elevate and Discovery 

By combining Reading Horizons At-Home and NIM,  you get a cherry on top type of experience! The program lets you and your students read together in real-time, creating a convenient virtual classroom. By incorporating the program's reading passages, decodable books, or your own engaging and relatable content (like educational raps or other music-based resources), students are more likely to stay motivated and actively participate in the reading process. 

We have two programs that are perfect homeschooling options. You don't have to settle for a plain vanilla reading program when you can have the option of different flavors that Reading Horizons offers. One of the most enticing features of Reading Horizons At-Home is its focus on personalized learning. Just like every homebuyer seeks a unique and personalized living space, every child deserves a customized reading experience. The program uses advanced technology to assess your child's current reading level and individual learning needs, tailoring the curriculum accordingly.

Discovery is designed for ages 4-9! You can choose from three types of software that would work best for your child. You can choose from the online software, instructor-guided material, and blended instruction bundle. Discovery offers flexibility and multiple options so homeschooling can start off easy! Learn about our Discovery program at here

Elevate is created for 10 years and up! This is the solution for older readers who might struggle with reading or English is their second language. There are also different instruction options available to make the process simple and easy. To get more information about our Elevate program visit this page.

Sweet Success: NIM and Reading Horizons At-Home!

When you add the Neurological Impress Method and Reading Horizons At-Home, it's like a perfectly crafted ice cream sundae! Reading Horizons At-Home provides the tools, technology, and an ever-growing library of engaging content, while NIM adds a fun learning approach! 

Together, let's guide our students to become fluent, confident, and unstoppable readers. We can conquer any reading challenge and enjoy a sweet treat along the way!

Special thanks to our friends at Reading Horizons at Home for sharing with us this week.

Reading Horizons SquareReading Horizons At-Home is a dynamic online platform dedicated to empowering learners of all ages with the skills and love for reading. With a team of dedicated educators, researchers, and developers, we offer an engaging and personalized learning experience. Our adaptive approach, backed by research and best practices, focuses on phonics, decoding, and comprehension strategies, ensuring learners develop a solid foundation in reading. From young learners to adolescents and adults, our user-friendly platform and comprehensive curriculum cater to all, fostering growth, confidence, and a lifelong love for reading. Join us at Reading Horizons At-Home and unlock the power of reading for learners of all ages.

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