Apr 19, 2023

When Does Your School Year End?

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When Does Your School Year End?

Many of us are heading into the homestretch of our school year and trying to finish the year strong. However, some of us might be freaking out because we are nowhere near the end of our curriculum programs. Unless you are under strict guidelines from an umbrella school or state rules, don't fret.

One of the wonderful perks in homeschooling our children is that most of the time the end of the school year is not marked by the completion of a set curriculum. If we set our academic goals for the year and we are satisfied that we have met those goals, then there should be no issue calling the school year done if we have met our state's guidelines for homeschooling.

But if we feel like a particular goal has not yet been met, we can still have a “hard” end date for the school year for record keeping purposes, but we can press on and have our own “summer school” to focus solely on that difficult subject or topic until we feel our child has made adequate progress and we are comfortable that our child has achieved the goal we set.

Flexibility is a monumental benefit of homeschooling not only in what and how we teach our children, but also in the when and for how long we do it. We homeschool our kids because we want them to have the best education they can receive and that isn't always determined by how long they are in a classroom.

So, if someone asks you, “When does your school year end?”, you can just smile and reply, "When we are done". 😉

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