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Atelier Online Visual Art Program
Atelier Online Visual Art Program
Atelier Online Visual Art Program
Atelier Online Visual Art Program

Atelier Online Visual Art Program

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For Grade(s): Pre-K to 10th

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Easy-to-follow video lessons makes teaching art fun and easy!

Each of Atelier's 8 levels consists each level provides a full year of comprehensive, visual art instruction plus supporting lesson plans, print guides, drawing aids, and more for the parent. Students will build and develop a foundation of skills by learning and working through the essential elements and principles of art including: line, color, space, shape, form, texture, pattern, balance and emphasis. The program also includes art-history, media exploration, creative self-expression, cultural appreciation, right-brain drawing techniques and much more.Features 20 Developmental, Sequential Lessons per LevelEach lesson shows materials and workspace layout, provides visual motivational material, and teaches the lesson.Abundant instructional coverage, as well as that of students in a virtual art class performing the lesson and displaying their finished artwork promotes learning, independent of the art background of the parent-teacher.Clear concepts and objectives, lists the required supplies, and detailed procedure consistent with the online presentation.Lessons are designed to enhance creative right-brain development and to achieve process-oriented learning.Downloadable and printable Parent Manuals and Lesson Plans including all supporting documentsThe Great Art Appreciation Program (10 Great Masters Art Images and Discussion Guides)Not sure which level of Atelier your child should startClick here to view a guideline to help you make the right decision. Click here to view Atelier's age chart.NOTE: Enter a quantity above for applicable level(s) of your choice.

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The Atelier curriculum is a complete homeschool art program designed not only to teach art skills, knowledge and techniques but also to develop critical creative thinking and problem-solving skills that will benefit your students in future endeavors.

This is an online subscription that will give your family access to your chosen level(s) for 18 months.