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Bio-Chem-Physics 201/202 Bundle Annual Subscription

Bio-Chem-Physics 201/202 Bundle Annual Subscription

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For Grade(s): 9 - 12

CrossWired Science has multiple levels for students from kindergarten through high school. It introduces young children to God-centered science and brings in powerful science that points to the Lord as students finish their high school years.

This program works great as a stand-alone curriculum or as a supplement.


CWS Core Science curriculum + Bio/Chem/Physics (BCP) Course1 year of access to CWS Core + 1 year access to Bio/Chem/Physics (BCP) Course

Students explore 10 different sections within each module.

Sections include:


Variety of Deep Science Topics and in-depth teaching of Creation vs. Evolution


Eight: 3-week Experiment/Lab blocks that coordinate with CWS CORE Program (The entire family can do the same experiments!


Current cutting edge science articles by leading creation scientists


Key concepts show innovative science illustrations

Developed to train the students’ eyes to see the beauty in God’s creation. Great for creative students!


Key scientists of the past and Creation Scientists of today Research Skills, and more!


Variety of high interest selected videos to build important science knowledge in a variety of disciplines (Building the Field)


The heart of CWS–showing the glory of God through what He has made with the wonders of Deep Science concepts


Building a Biblical foundation for a Creation Worldview


Applications of God’s character and power in science


Students select from high interest videos in 3 different levels to build the field of science knowledge


Over 100 hours of teaching in the Creation vs. Evolution debate

Core Chemistry and Physics Concepts scheduled with the “101 Series”

AP schedule with “Crash Course Chemistry” and “Crash Course Physics”

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CrossWired Science is an online curriculum created to captivate children's interest in science complete with engaging content, videos, self guided, printable notebooks, and hands-on science experiments.

This annual subscription will give one student access to CrossWired Science and the Integrated Biology-Chemistry-Physics 201 and 202 courses for one year.

Please note: Additional students can be purchased for $10 each upon registration at the CrossWired Science website.