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For Grade(s): 10 - 12

As the industry leader in drivers education and online driving school, it’s iDriveSafely's mission and passion to bring you the most effective drivers ed online courses on the market. You’ll find a driving ed interactive curriculum designed to teach you rules of the road that are relevant for your state. Everything you need to pass your permit exam and get on the road with confidence is right here thanks to our online driving lessons.

With I Drive Safely from, students enjoy a state-approved online drivers education course at home on their own schedule. I Drive Safely from is approved by the Road Safety Educators Association and the Driving School Association of the Americas.


  • Unlimited access
  • Instant online feedback
  • Strategically placed quizzes
  • Free state-specific practice permit tests

After you complete the course, will email your Certificate of Completion to you. In addition, teens can potentially enjoy savings on auto insurance.

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State-approved online drivers education course that lets students learn at home and on their schedule. is approved by the Road Safety Educators Association and the Driving School Association of the Americas.

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This course is for students under the age of 18 at the time they will be taking the course