Exploros Social Studies Additional Students
Exploros Social Studies Additional Students
Exploros Social Studies Additional Students

Exploros Social Studies Additional Students

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For Grade(s): 3 - 12

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With a growing library of 700+ digital Elementary, Middle, and High School Social Studies Lessons on topics including Civics, U.S. History, World History, World Geography, Economics, and Citizenship, the Exploros Social Studies curriculum bundle is one of the most comprehensive curriculums available.

Exploros Social Studies Bundle includes 8 complete courses: Elementary American History and Texas Studies, Middle School World Cultures, Civics, US History, World History, and Texas History, and High School US History.


  • Practice activities and assessments are automatically scored and reported in real-time.
  • Each course has 7 to 12 Units covering topics such as political climate, geography, exploration and more.
  • Each unit contains learning experiences that use 5E Model Lesson design, and curated OER resources.
  • A teacher dashboard provides immediate insight into student learning and progress throughout the program.

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This product is for you IF:
  • You already have a class license for Exploros Social Studies,


  • You want to add students to your Exploros Social Studies class.

HOWEVER, please understand that the newly added student licenses will expire on the same date as your class license, as shown on your "My Subscriptions" page.

Please Note: Limit three (3) additional students PER primary student subscription with a total of four (4) students. If you need more than four (4) students, you will need to purchase another Primary Student subscription, first.