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Fast Grammar Level 1
Fast Grammar Level 1
Fast Grammar Level 1
Fast Grammar Level 1

Fast Grammar Level 1

  • Language Arts
  • Grammar Galaxy (Fun To Learn Books)
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For Grade(s): PreK - 12

Fast Grammar is the painless way to improve your student鈥檚 grammar. The four missions per operation may be completed in one session or on four separate weekdays to reinforce the learning. Completing 1 of the 32 operations or 4 unit tests per week will contribute to an English credit for an academic school year (36 weeks). Each operation begins with a Fast Facts section. Students review the section and write examples. Then they鈥檒l interact with a client. The client communications are simulations being used to prepare students for real-time autocorrection.

  • In their first mission, they will receive a text update from your client. Knowledge of clients鈥 intentions will allow trainees to make accurate corrections.
  • In the second mission, they will receive a graphic to help them remember the difference between common homophones (words that sound the same but have different meanings or spellings).
  • In the third mission, they鈥檒l be asked to use what they鈥檝e learned up to that point in their training to review the client鈥檚 writing. For an extra challenge, they can try to complete their review within the given time.
  • In the fourth mission, we鈥檒l ask trainees to correspond with the client and practice what they鈥檝e learned.

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Instead of dry exercises that have no relationship to reading, Grammar Galaxy uses short, entertaining stories to teach language arts concepts in a memorable way. The accompanying workbook is no workbook at all, but a Mission Manual asking your student to help save the galaxy from the chaos the Gremlin creates.

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