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JAM with Latin
JAM with Latin
JAM with Latin Class C First Year Latin by Henle

JAM with Latin Class C First Year Latin by Henle

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For Grade(s): 6 - 12

JAM with Latin helps students conquer Latin using Robert Henle's Latin as a guide.

JAM with Latin's Class C First Year Latin by Henle will guide your student step by step through First Year Latin by Robert Henle, Lessons 1-29. This year long curriculum ensures understanding and the certainty of memorizing all the parts of Latin.

You will need the Henle textbook, grammar book, and answer key. Inside the virtual classroom, there are downloads of the daily work assignments from Henle as well as an answer key created especially to teach diagramming and parsing.

Class C is for those who have finished Class B or Classical Conversations Challenge B.

Henle Latin Textbook

Henle Latin Grammar

Henle Latin First Year Answer Key


  • Videos for each lesson and section of First Year Latin by Robert Henle
  • Daily checklists to help with organization
  • Typed Henle First Year Latin Exercises
  • Practice charts
  • Parsing Charts & Explanations
  • Quizzes and Tests which are graded instantly
  • Private link to and a complete vocabulary with pronunciation

Please note: Class C requires the following amount of pages to be printed per semester: 175 pages + Complete Chart Pages Lesson (46 pages) and the 2nd Semester requires 123 pages printed.

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