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The History of Religious Liberty (Teacher Guide)

The History of Religious Liberty (Teacher Guide)

  • History
  • New Leaf Publishing / Master Books
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Grade: 9 - 12

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This one-year history curriculum reveals the true heroes of religious liberty: the individuals who read the Word of God and understood both liberty of the soul and liberty of the mind. There are at least two reasons to know this history. First, it gives us the intellectual foundation to stand in the public square and contend forcefully for liberty. Second, and perhaps more importantly, we see ordinary people who knew Jesus who boldly and sacrificially fought for freedom of conscience for all. With clarity and honesty, the course reveals that some giants of the faith were religious persecutors, but that is just one part of a much larger and important perspective. The battle for religious liberty is on us again. May we have the knowledge and courage to fight. Victory is ours when we stand courageously for what is true and what is right. It is high time we know our heritage in detail.

The calendar provides daily sessions with clear objectives and worksheets, quizzes, and final exam all based on the readings from the course book.

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