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Make It Real Learning Activity Library I
Save on the popular homeschool math curriculum, Math Mammoth at the Homeschool Buyers Club! For Grades 1-8
Save on the popular homeschool math curriculum, Math Mammoth at the Homeschool Buyers Club! For Grades 1-8

Make It Real Learning Activity Library I

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For Grade(s): 3 - 12

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Build a strong foundation in Math. With Math Mammoth's clear explanations and mastery-based curriculum, your students will be set up for a success in algebra and in real life!

"Why do I need to know this?" The Make It Real Activity Library I, comprising 11 distinct workbooks, sets out to answer this question. Each workbook contains activities or problem situations taken from real-life, with real data. Some examples of the situations are: cell phone plans, autism, population growth, cooking, borrowing money, credit cards, life spans, music downloads, etc. etc.

As students work through the problems, they can use the math skills and concepts they have learned in their math curriculum (such as the concept of average or graphing), and apply those to a situation from real-life. In addition, each activity-lesson in the book contains several questions about the situation, starting with basics and going into more in-depth evaluations, and should be adequate for one-two complete class periods. Arithmetic I

Fractions, Percents, Decimals I

Fractions, Percents, Decimals II

Sets, Probability, and Statistics I

Linear Functions I

Linear Functions II

Quadratic Functions I

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions I

Periodic and Piecewise Functions I

Polynomial, Power, Logistic, and Rational Functions I

Calculus I

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Whether you are looking for a complete curriculum for homeschooling, materials to fill in gaps, or summer math, Math Mammoth has something for you! Math Mammoth offers a full math curriculum and supplemental worktexts and workbooks available as electronic downloads or on a CD.

If you are looking for single grade Math Mammoth curriculum (Light Blue Series), you can find them here. Single grade curriculum is not on sale.