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Help your child with dyscalculia succeed in math with Meister Cody
Help your child with dyscalculia succeed in math with Meister Cody

Meister Cody Annual Subscription (Up to 3 Students)

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For Grade(s): 1 - 5

Enjoy this online app designed to help your child with math using an engaging storyline. Your student will help Meister Cody assist Princess Namea and Prince Fandales to save Talasia, a fictional country.

This subscription is for up to three students for one year.


  • Motivational exercises to find areas in which your child may have gaps
  • Keep your child engaged while learning with a beautifully animated story that incorporates growth mindset and positive reinforcement.
  • Detailed training results after every training with fun progress checks every 5 days.
  • CODY math assessment detects dyscalculia (math weakness) relevant aspects: core markers, number processing, calculation and working memory. Automatically administered every 30 days with your subscription to determine your student's individual needs.

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Help your child with dyscalculia succeed in math with a motivational learning app based on the latest advances in learning research. Math practice is embedded in an exciting game-based adventure story. Daily practice (3–5 days per week) is recommended for maximum growth.

Meister Cody is a learning app available for Android and iOS devices.

Try Meister Cody free for four (4) days by downloading it from your device's app store.