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MoneyTime Annual Subscription: 1 Student
MoneyTime Annual Subscription: 1 Student
MoneyTime Annual Subscription: 1 Student
MoneyTime Annual Subscription: 1 Student

MoneyTime Annual Subscription: 1 Student

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For Grade(s): 5 - 8

 Are you worried your child will grow up not being financially capable or knowledgeable? The good news is MoneyTime has solved those problems for you. You don’t have to have strong financial literacy yourself, or do any teaching if you don’t want to.

 MoneyTime's homeschool financial literacy curriculum contains 30 interactive self-taught lessons that provide your child with all the personal finance basics. They are combined with a fun money management game that enables your child to learn by making their own financial decisions.

 The MoneyTime program is focused on giving children the real life skills they need to be financially successful. By combining lessons with a game, MoneyTime provides both instruction and practice making it fun for kids to try out the different strategies they’ve learned to grow and manage their money.


  • 43 Lessons modules of meaningful activity equating to 30 hours of engagement, fun, and learning. It’s 100% educational screen time with no fluff, padding, or busy work, making it the ideal unit study elective.
  • 38 Assessments featuring multi choice, automatically graded quizzes provide direct feedback.Parents can monitor their child’s progress and scores on their dashboard, then drill down into their tests to see where they might be having difficulty.
  • A Certificate of Completion showing the topics your child has covered and the time taken.
  • MoneyTime’s content correlates with Jump$tart Coalition’s National Standards for K-12 Personal Finance Education, the National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies, and most State Academic Standards.

Lesson Modules:

  • Modules 1-7: Earning, Saving and Employment: These initial lessons teach your child how money gets earned, the importance of saving, and how interest works. The employment modules introduce them to careers they might be interested in and an understanding of the job application process.
  • Modules 8-11: Smart Spending, Budgets, Banking and Payments: Your child learns how to make good buying decisions, how to prepare basic budgets, about bank accounts and the different ways of making payments.
  • Modules 12-18: Borrowing, Loans and Repayments, Rent or Buy, Mortgages, Buying property: Your child is introduced to the concepts of debt, loans, and repayments so they don’t feel afraid of these when they are exposed to them in the future. These modules normalize the process by walking your child through the basics of property purchase and explore the cost differences between renting and buying.
  • Modules 19-26: Certificates of Deposits, Property Investment, Stocks, Collectibles, Business Basics, Marketing, Promotion, Profit and Loss: Your child is introduced to different types of investments and the basics of business and how businesses work, how businesses make money, and the different kinds of jobs businesses offer.
  • Modules 27-30: Warranties and Cash, Insurance, Online Security and Net Wealth: Your child will learn their consumer rights, how to protect personal wealth against financial crisis, cyber security and investing.

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  MoneyTime is a self-directed personal finance program for homeschoolers. It combines 30 interactive lessons with a fun money management game for experiential learning. The game imitates real life financial decisions, giving kids the knowledge and confidence to make good decisions around money as they grow up.

This annual subscription will provide one student access to MoneyTime for one year.