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Schoolio Kindergarten
Schoolio Kindergarten
Schoolio Kindergarten
Schoolio Kindergarten
Schoolio Kindergarten
Schoolio Kindergarten
Schoolio Kindergarten
Schoolio Kindergarten
Schoolio Kindergarten
Schoolio Kindergarten
Schoolio Kindergarten

Schoolio Kindergarten

  • All-In-One / Multi-Subject
  • Schoolio Learning Corp
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Grade: K

Are you a parent seeking a personalized education for your child? Explore a better way with Schoolio! Discover unique learning tailored to your child’s needs.

Key Features of the Schoolio Kindergarten Program:

Flexible Schedule: Designed to balance skill development with plenty of open-ended play, the Schoolio Schedule helps you effectively manage your teaching time, ensuring a fun and engaging learning environment tailored to the developmental needs of young learners.

Week-at-a-Glance Program Guide: Each week starts with a detailed guide outlining the core learning objectives in math, phonetics, science, social studies, and art. This guide helps you to introduce concepts in a structured way, ensuring a solid educational foundation for your child and an easy-to-use experience for you!

Themed Learning Weeks: Dive into weekly themes that spark curiosity and excitement. From the planned themes, you can pre-schedule library trips, field trips, and thematic activities that transform learning into an adventure. Some weeks are “Choose Your Own Adventure”, allowing you to choose a theme that your child is interested in!

Comprehensive Curriculum: Covering all four core subjects—Math, Language, Science, and Social Studies—the program includes additional essentials like handwriting practice, reading foundations (letter sounds, blends, digraphs), and sight words. Engaging art and STEM projects are also integrated to keep your child creatively engaged, and social-emotional skills are thoughtfully intertwined to help young learners discover the world around them, their relationships, and their place in it.

Vetted Resources: Enhance learning with recommended books and videos that align with weekly themes, handpicked to complement and deepen the learning experience.

Interactive Learning Tools: Enjoy a variety of hands-on activities including art projects, card games, scavenger hunts, and more. The program comes with ready-to-use learning tools like 3D shapes, tangrams, flash cards, and mini books.

Supportive Community Access: Join us in the Schoolio online community for additional resources, peer support, and direct interaction with the Schoolio educational team that created the program.

Bi-Weekly Parent Assessments: Track your child’s progress with bi-weekly checklists that help assess learning without the pressure of formal testing. This feature allows parents to identify strengths and areas for improvement, tailoring learning experiences to fit their child's needs.

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The Schoolio All-in-One Full Year Kindergarten Program is the perfect blend of structured learning and creative exploration, meticulously crafted by educational experts to provide a comprehensive, enjoyable learning experience for your homeschooling journey.

Designed to be a complete foundational program that remains gentle and play-based, the Schoolio All-in-One Full Year Kindergarten Program is the perfect way to launch your child’s homeschooling journey! In this 900-page program, you’ll find all the skills your child needs for a successful and fun first homeschool year!

Schoolio School All In One Kindergarten Program is for one student and one parent for one full year.

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