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Sparkito! Kinder
Sparkito! Kinder
Sparkito! Kinder Family Annual License
Sparkito! Kinder Family Annual License
Sparkito! Kinder Family Annual License
Sparkito! Kinder Family Annual License
Sparkito! Kinder Family Annual License

Sparkito! Kinder Family Annual License

  • Foreign Languages
  • Sunburst Digital, Inc.
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For Grade(s): PreK - K

Sparkito! Kinder is a web-based English-Spanish program focused on early learners. IT contains multimedia content mixing songs with vocabulary reinforcement and student activities arranged in thematic units and instantly translatable (audio and on screen text) in Spanish and English.


  • Dual language courses in Math, Science, Health, Social Studies, and Language Arts.
  • Instant transitions between Spanish and English content with the switch of a toggle.
  • Written by a content team of native Spanish speakers, Sparkito! Kinder features 100% 'authentic language.'
  • 100% Spanish/English Text & Audio
  • Interactive animations, songs, games, and activities to promote vocabulary, fluency, and content mastery in both Spanish and English.

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Sparkito! Kinder is an interactive program in English and Spanish that is designed to teach Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Language and Music academic concepts for the Pre-Kinder and Kindergarten levels.

This subscription provides an Annual Family License for up to three students.